Parquet installation in Christ Church in Swindon

We are happy to have undertaken another big flooring project - our Avon team have been given the opportunity of installing a completely new wooden floor in Christ Church in Swindon. We have been working very thoroughly painstakingly fitting and installing the wooden parquet blocks to make the church interior even more grandious and lavish.

Our company have gathered all their speciialists because of the size of the project - the entire floor had to be completely removedand the new wooden parquet blocks carefully fitted. The final stage of the works included careful and thorough sanding and oiling to make the entire surface perfectly clean and protected against extensive traffic.

Our team of expert and skilled parquet fitters and suppliers have effectively managed each stage of the works to make the project live up to everyone's expectations. We have supplied and fitted over 400 sqm of a beautiful parquet floor enriched with a unique and truly magnificient border. Avon Hardwood Flooring believe that nothing compares to the beauty of a real wood floor. A long lasting trouble free surface that’s easy to maintain and has the extra benefits of keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Our company help to provide clients with services and products they expect. At the same time it is our work to provide a client-friendly support throughout the entire installation, renovation, fitting, or refurbishment project.

This is how the Christ Church floor in Swindon now looks

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