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Engineered oak flooring is perfect for you if you look floor naturally looking floor in reasonable cost.  This type of flooring is very often chosen by customers, due to its permanent beauty and durability. What makes this particular flooring so popular and appreciated? It is definitely the technology used in making engineered oak wood flooring.

Three layers of wood are responsible for the overall effect. The bottom one balances the whole tile, the middle layer of wood makes the whole flooring strong and stable, whereas the top layer, which is about 2 to 6 mm, is responsible for the look and beauty of engineered flooring. You need to remember that oak timber is the most impressive and at the same time the most long-lasting wood available. The layers are glued together and this makes engineered oak flooring adequate for most of interiors. The oak wood looks stunning in various types of finishing, as well as unfinished. On the whole – there are only positive sides of choosing engineered oak flooring. First of all the oak will always make your house and flat look elegant and timeless. The unique technology assures long-lasting effect and reliable flooring. And above it all, you receive all the advantages of wooden oak floor with reduced cost! There are various different versions and types of engineered wood flooring products as this is the wood type most frequently used for all sorts of flooring purposes. The main engineered oak wood flooring types are:

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) - manufactured from rectangular wood strands which are arranged in several layers and subsequently bonded with adhesives that are moisture-resistant. The layers are arranged in a cross pattern, which offers a considerable strength, but also combines the features such as flexibility and stiffness.

Plywood - also called the original engineered wood. Cross-laminated veneer shets are used for manufacturing of this wood type. The sheets are then bonded using extensive pressure and heath, additionally supported by the moisture resistant adhesives as in the case of OSB type of engineered wood.

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) - in this case the thin wood veneers are bonded. As a result, all the LVL types of engineered wood are additionally provided with stability, flexibility and lots of various dimensions. These products are mainly used as floooring materials for rim boards, columns, beams, rafters and many more.

CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) - it is a multi-layered engineered wood made of several lumber panels. The whole composition is extremely stable, stiff, but also flexible due to the cross-wise arrangement of each lumber layer. It is an excellent wood material for all sorts of floors, both domestic and commercial ones. We offer you the wholesale possibility for all our oak wood flooring solutions including solid oak wood flooring, hardwood oak flooring, laminated oak flooring panels and boards, engineered and unfinished oak boards and panels and all remaining ones that our providers have on the stock.

Glued & laminated timber - it is made of a few timber layers which are glued together with adhesives that are moisture-resistant. The result offers high quality and strong structure that is applicable for both columns and beams.

The installation and fitting process of our engineered oak flooring offered by our oak flooring suppliers is extremely easy and environment-safe. Contact us for more information about the exact prices and dimensions of our engineered oak flooring, European oak flooring and all other oak wood solutions for flooring. Engineered oak flooring Cardiff, engineered oak floor installation & fitting - Bristol, Bath, West England, UK, oak flooring suppliers.

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