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The buffing machine is usually used for sanding between coats, sanding after the last belt sanding, distributing oil or polishing oiled surfaces.

• Simply constructed and simple to use.

• A rotating plate inside a cast aluminium body, driven by a powerful motor.

• Handles and shaft fully adjustable in height to meet the needs of all users.

• Different mounting plates allowing the machine to be used for many different areas of use.

The asymmetrical mounted motor gives the Buffer perfect balance, whilst preventing the torque from the motor causing undesired pressure on the handles.

With perfect balance and ergonomically correct working position; almost anybody can use a Buffer after a couple of minutes' practice.


Easily connects to Bona vacuum unit available for hire.

Sanding can be done in a variety of ways, using different sanding products.


bona buffing machine


Before you start the machine, lower the handles as much as possible to a comfortable working position. Start the machine. To control the machine, lift or lower the handles just a little bit. Then the machine will move itself right or left (up takes the machine right and down left).

When sanding a wooden floor with a Buffer you don't have to think about working in any particular direction. Forward, backward, left, right, it is all up to you. However to ensure that you don't miss any areas or sand some areas more it is often sensible to try to have a methodical pattern. First one direction across the room and then follow the other direction.


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