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Bona Belt sander Bristol


Our professional oak flooring suppliers provide you one of the best sanding pieces of equipment - Bona Belt Sander excellent for both commercial and residential sanding purposes.

The Bona Belt sanding machine makes big jobs seem small. The machine is designed for sanding wooden, parquet and cork floors. It may be used on newly laid, untreated floors and existing floors that have been previously treated with lacquer or oil.

It's a powerful belt or drum sander in one with a unique construction that makes drum changing easy. The sanding can be made both forwards and backwards. The compact design makes the machine simple to manoeuvre and easy to transport and it can also be disassembled and reassembled quickly and easily.

 Bona Belt Sander

Using our Bona Belt sanding machine makes it possible to minimise the time and effort in dealing with large-size jobs and works. This fantastic piece of machinery is the best solution for sanding all sorts of wooden surfaces including: wooden parquet floors, engineered flooring, solid mosaic panels and solid wood flooring.

Don't forget to hire an edger sander for the edges of your room also. That's because the Main floor Sanders have to stop four inches short of the skirting board. Please see our combined package rates for the best value.

Both types of Machines can easily be connected to the Bona Dust Care System for 99.96 % dust-free operation, just click on the link for more information.


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